VR Safety Bear Safety Training 2019 (8)

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Training Options


Standard Bear Awareness Training Course

This 4 hour course, led by one of our certified trainers is designed to prepare individuals to stay safe in bear country. This course provides information on: preparing to go into bear country, bear identification, bear signs, deterrents, and what to do if you encounter a bear as well MSDS for bear spray. The course is enhanced by the use of our Virtual Reality Bear Spray Training system and interactive instructional methods.

Stand Alone Virtual Reality Bear Spray Training Course

This 2 hour course, led by a certified trainer is designed to teach users how to effectively use bear spray including: judging and deploying at the correct distance, assessing wind factors, holstering & carrying bear spray,  proper deployment techniques, and MSDS content. Module stations and VR are experienced by the user to encourage learning & retention by actively engaging users. 

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Invest in VR Safety Training 

Purchasing the VR system could say your company thousands of dollars. Bring training  in-house where you can train on your schedule. We offer setup, train your trainer,  upgrades, tech support, and custom designed programs. Contact us at 250-961-6244 for more information. 


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To register, please include your name, email & location: